Take me as I am

Sep 9

Forehead kisses.




I just want to cuddle up in your arms. Then eventually fall asleep to the sound of your heart beat and the way you breathe. Maybe you could even kiss my forehead before I fall completely to sleep.?



it doesn’t matter where we are, what we are doing, or who we are with, he always holds my hand. I love that he does because 1) it means he wants to be close to me, 2) it is comforting, and 3) he wants everyone to know that WE are together and that we love EACH OTHER. And, since he is a full foot taller than me he always bends down and gives me forehead kisses. Words cannot explain how much I love this man.


If you want to impress your lady and be really awesome or cute at the same time do some of these things

Give her your sweatshirt to sleep in
Forehead kisses
Sneak up behind her and hug her waist
Forehead kisses 
Pick her up when you’re making out
tell her she’s pretty for no reason


If we are snuggling and you kiss my forehead I will literally melt in your arms into a puddle of warmth and happiness and love please do that

I want a guy like this.


I just wanna see you. I just wanna hug you forever and kiss you and have that feeling on my lips again. I just want someone to hold me and know they will never let go. I wanna feel safe in someones arms again. I wanna hide my face in your chest and block out the world. I want you to kiss my forehead again while your holding me. U want you to look me in the eyes and I’ll know your happy. Is that so much to ask?



Something about a kiss on the forehead that makes everything seems so sincere. I love that feeling. When we were just “friends,” after sex I would turn my back towards him & he would just cuddle me from behind(spooning). Now he kisses my forehead & pulls me over to lay on his chest & we would take…


You know who you are, thanks for the pep talk.(:


I love him en We Heart It.


I love him en We Heart It.

Forehead kisses


I don’t know if you really understand how very much each and every one means to me. I look forward to them every single night, and cherish the moment as your lips grace my forehead.

Even tonight when neither of us has to leave - you’re downstairs, I’m upstairs - you still bestowed one of the…

Right Now



Right now, I want someone to kiss my forehead and tell me they are lucky to have me

We do love forehead kisses. It’s more romantic 


I have discovered the best feeling ever. The moment when your just listening to your boyfriend talk about work ,and he stops to stare at you then kiss your forehead telling you how beautiful you are.